We don't have too many rules here, but there are some you will have to follow in order to make sure this Wiki runs well.

The RulesEdit

  1. Absolutely NO harassing other people, spamming with abuse, or the so-called "trolling", on this Wiki.  This is one of the worst things one can do here, so DON'T.
  2. We have no actual rules against profanity (we're all supposed to be mature so it should be rather unfazing), but try not to overuse it.
  3. If you were banned for any reason, do NOT try to evade your ban by making an alternate account or other means, doing so will result in permanent ban of the alt account and your main account's original ban being reset.
  4. No intentionally rude jokes or insults about another person's race, culture, religion, gender, ect.  If you think someone is offending you in this way, let them know so as to make sure they avoid it.
  5. Don't ask to become an admin or chatmod.  It'll only make your potential lesser.  There are rules as to admin and chatmod requirements below.

Admins and ChatmodsEdit

Administrators help run the Wiki and monitor it, and are also responsible for banning any troublemakers.  They are the highest authorities here.

Chatmods help monitor the Wiki Chat when admins aren't around, and are also responsible for clearing any trouble there and both kicking troublemakers as a warning, and banning them from Chat if they continue to misbehave.

Admin and Chatmod RequirementsEdit

If you wish to be a chatmod, you must...

  1. Have proof of being on Wikia for at least six months.
  2. Have not been banned (this does not count a warning).
  3. Have been on this Wiki for at least a month.

​If you wish to be an admin, you must...

  1. Have proof of being on Wikia for at least a year.
  2. Have been a chatmod for at least a month.
  3. Have never been banned (not counting a warning).
  4. Have at least two admins agreeing to the promotion.


If you misbehave, you will have to pay a consequence, just like in real life.  We have rules for each time one screws up:

  • On the first breaking of the rules, you will receive a warning from an admin.
  • On the second offense, you will be banned for a week (if this is a chatmod or admin who has done this, they will be stripped of their rank until the head admin sees it fit).
  • On the third offense, you will be bannd for a month.
  • On the fourth offense, you will banned permanently, and any attempt to return via alternate account or other means will result in an automatic permanent ban as well.

Admin & Chatmod ListEdit

Here are the admins and chatmods who currently have such positions.


Salem the Cruel (founder and head admin)


Thornclaw Braveheart