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    This is the history of the continent upon which our D&D game is.  Don't use this history for too many RP-ing purposes, for most likely your character won't know much of it.

    1: The Days of Primal Savagery are over, and the first texts of the world are written.  The continent of Alaria is ruled at this time by strange beings known simply as the Founders.  Nobody knows what they looked like, for no images of them remain, but some say they were the absolute perfect image of a just being.  According to High Elven legend, the Founders descended upon the earth from the sky during a great time of savagery, and with the waves of their hands made peace amongst the simply people.  They brought them together and taught them the ways of civilization, at…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart


    • Godfrey Ultane, Level 1 Human Knight (played by Biklay)
    • Halban Greatbeard, Level 1 Mountain Dwarf Fighter (played by Verity)
    • Phaeron Kridelan, Level 1 Drow Sorcerer (played by Thornclaw)
    • Talaedra Lharithlyn, Level 1 Wood Elf Ranger (played by Wildlough)
    • Wydek, Level 1 Kapak Draconian Scout (played by Jerrak AKA Mahal)

    Race: Human

    Class: Knight (1 level)

    Age: 25 years

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Allegiance: Kingdom of Vantalion

    Languages: Common

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 132 lbs.

    Weapons: Longsword, Dagger

    Armor: Leather

    Other Equipment: Gunnysack for food, pouch for money, belt for sword, flint and steel, bed roll, waterskin, 40 gold

    Special Abilities, Racial: None

    Special Abilities, Class: Weapon specializati…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    The Order of the Raven Cross is a worldwide independent organization of warriors, priests, knights, and celestial beings whose sole goal is to seek out any transgressors of law and eliminate them through any means possible, from a simply sending of a patrol to a massive crusade against a nation of chaos.  The domains of chaos and evil are their sole foes, as well as all demons and devils.  The Order utilizes both armies of warriors and the usage of divinely-granted magical spells to do their deeds.  The Order is dedicated to the lawful yet neutral human deity of Saint Cuthbert, the god of law, war, and justice.






    • FULL name please

    Are you proficient in any way with any form of divine magic?

    Are you proficient…

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    Today, I have a very special review.  It's one of a movie I never wanted to see, but after recovering from a fever I had the balls to go and watch it anyway.  This is Oz, the Great and Powerful.

    Out of all the movies with bad acting, cliche, predictable plotlines, and poor cast choices, this movie is one of the biggest in all three categories.  This film was directed by Sam Raimi, whose career first began in the '80s with his extremely low-budget yet somehow extremely popular Evil Dead in 1981, which has become something of a cult classic.  Six years later he followed it up with an equally successful sequel with much greater special effects and "splatter" gore, which was around the same time becoming a staple of the early movies of New Zea…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    10. Daniel Day-Lewis

    9. Eric Idle

    8. Samuel L. Jackson

    7. Christopher Lee

    6. Morgan Freeman

    5. Tom Hanks

    4. Harrison Ford

    3. John Cleese

    2. David Tennant

    1. Errol Flynn

    10. Back to the Future

    9. Superman

    8. The Three Stooges

    7. Bill Nye the Science Guy

    6. The Lord of the Rings

    5. Indiana Jones

    4. Star Trek: The Original Series

    3. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    2. Doctor Who

    1. Game of Thrones

    10. The Secret Box

    9. Something Smells

    8. Bubblestand

    7. Pizza Delivery

    6. Arrgh!

    5. Pranks A Lot

    4. Hooky

    3. The first 5 MermaidMan & BarnacleBoy episodes

    2. Band Geeks

    1. Jellyfishing

    10. Andrew Beckett [Philadelphia]

    9. Boromir [Fellowship of the Ring]

    8. V [V for Vendetta]

    7. Jack Sparrow [Dead Man's Chest]

    6. Trinity [The Matrix Reloaded & The Matrix Revolutions]

    5. Darth Vader [S…

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